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Our wedding party

We are so honored to have these people a part of our lives.  Each one of them hold a special place in our hearts.  They've supported us, encouraged us, and loved us.  For that, we are eternally grateful. xoxo

Katie's attendants
  • Jennifer Smitherman, Matron Of Honor
    Where do I begin? I met Jen on the first day of 2nd grade. She had just moved to New Orleans from Tennessee and we instantly became the best of friends. We have spent the majority of our friendship miles and miles apart. But that hasn't broken the bonds of this alliance! She was always the first person I would call when something exciting happened or when my world would come crashing down. We've been there through thick and thin with each other and I couldn't ask for a better person to stand by my side when I marry the love of my life.
  • Katie Brinkman, Bridesmaid
    My first memory of Katie B is earth science class freshman year of high school. She had long hair down her back that she would pile right on top of her head everyday. Everyday she would plop that mound of hair against the wall and go to sleep. And everyday Mrs. Malone would yell at her. Later on in high school, I used to bring Katie home from school and we bonded over TLC's "No scrubs." Four years later, we were moving to Baton Rouge and she was one of my first college roommates. She's adorable, fiesty.. and gentlemen- She's SINGLE!! ;)
  • Jennifer Finnerty, Bridesmaid
    Jenn is Patrick's big sister. And she's my kind of girl! When we ran out of margarita mix one night, Jen mixed tequila with Lemon Lime Gatorade- I would call that genius! She's smart, funny, a crazy wonderful mother to her 3 kids and I'd like to think she helped make Patrick the kind, caring person he is and the amazing husband he will be. I'm honored to be her sister-in-law!
  • Courtney Long, Bridesmaid
    My friendship with Courtney goes back to Cindy Ory Dancing School, circa 1989. Now that was a long time ago, ya'll! When we ended up at the same high school; it was nice to see a face you recognized. Court and I quickly became best friends. She is my true partner in crime! Have you heard the saying, "We'll always be friends, because you know too much." This perfectly describes my friendship with Courtney. I love, love, love this girl to death!! And I love her three beautiful children!
  • Leslie Marquez, Bridesmaid
    Leslie and I met on a dirty stage at a dirty bar in college. She was in my territory and I was in hers. We had two choices: battle or join forces. And we were a force to be reckoned with! We've been besties ever since. She has become one of my dearest, dearest friends. She has a heart of gold and the mouth of a sailor... I take that back. She could make a sailor blush! She'd fight for you and the ones she loves. She's the kind of girl you want on your team. I'll always be on her team.
  • Jamie Monaghan, Bridesmaid
    Jamie and I have known each other for years. We cheered on a competitive cheerleading team together since middle school. We were friends, but didn't get really close until college. She, Lauren, and I are the three muskateers. We did college together and boy did we do it right! Jamie and I lived together for our fourth year of college (I would call it my senior year, but then what does one call their fifth year of college...) Anyway, it was the messiest year of my life! But, I love her to pieces! She has a good job, straight teeth, cute as a button and guess what gentlemen... this homeowner is SINGLE!!
  • Holly Morris, Bridesmaid
    I've never met two people more made for each other than my brother and sister-in-law, Holly. Not only because she perfectly compliments him, but I love Holly because she always has an answer to everything! How do you boil eggs? Ask Holly. How do you make curtains? Ask Holly. How do you get ticks off dogs? Ask Holly ANYTHING!! The night we got engaged, my brother and Holly were the second phone call I had made. It was midnight. At 7am, I got a phone call from these two crazy people- Holly and my brother had already scouted out churches and got booking information. I love this girl so much! She'd bend over backwards to help you out and can solve the world's problems... probably with duck tape and some paint!
  • Tabatha Puderer, Bridesmaid
    Truth be told, I hated Tabatha when I met her. I shouldn't say hate, that's not a nice word and not true. But boy did this girl annoy me! She would come into my Junior year Latin class in high school every day and talk. She didn't shut up. She was loud and obnoxious and all I wanted to do was sleep... (did I mention she was NOT a student in that class??) Anyway, I don't know how, when, what or why but we became the best of friends. I guess she talked until I gave up. Maybe I couldn't help myself but talk back one day. Maybe she needed a place to sleep one night and never left. I really don't know when we became friends, but I'm so glad we did. I wouldn't know what to do without her... nor would I get awesome Christmas presents and baskets full of seasonal goodies at EVERY holiday (even the fourth of July ya'll!)
  • Lauren Russo, Bridesmaid
    Poople, my poodle. We met the summer before high school. We both had made the high school cheer team and instantly clicked. When we went to college, Lauren stayed home and went to UNO. Boooo... But, the following year, she moved in with me and Danielle at LSU and the rest is history. We are the very best of friends. She is always there for me and I will always be there for her. Our life dream is to build two mansions on a cul de sac, have kids all the same age and call them our puppies and live happily ever after. When we get super old and wrinkled, we'll probably move in with each other and play old peple pranks on people and laugh our way to the grave! (morbid humor...) :)
  • Lori Zeringue, Bridesmaid
    I never had a sister. But, I've always had a COOSTER! It's a silly name we came up with- Cousin/Sister mixed. I'm glad I never had a sister. I never needed one. Doe, as I call her, has been my everything. My best friend, my referee, my mother when need be, my cheerleader, my everything! I love her more than life itself and couldn't repay her with all of the money in the world for the things she has done for me. I love my cooster!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Patrick's attendants
  • Jordan Attaway, Groomsman
    Jordan was the first of my two nephews but truth be told they are more like my little brothers than nephews. I take pride in that the name "Jordan" was my suggestion to my sister after one of my favorite athletes MJ and am so grateful to have lived with such a wonderful kid while growing up. Jordan was born to be an entertainer and has an uncanny gift to make people laugh. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for him.
  • Colin Brown, Groomsman
    One thing I know for sure about Colin is he never has and never will beat me in a game of HORSE or a 3-point shooting contest. You may get a different story from him but we all know the truth, just ask Keyl. Colin and I were roommates for 3 of our 5 years at Texas State and next door neighbors for one more. For those four years of college together I like to think that we did college the right way with many trips down the Guadalupe River, nights out in ATX and too many late night trips to the square to count. We always have a lot of laughs no matter what we're doing and am grateful to have such a great friend.
  • Jason Morris, Groomsman
    Jason is Katie's older brother and I can only imagine what he thought when he heard that his little sister, who moved away from Nola to Texas, is going to move in with a co-worker she met and fell in love with at a feed mill in East Texas. At first I was nervous to be around Jason because I knew how I would feel if it were my little sister in the same situation. However from the beginning Jason always made me feel welcome and part of the family, for that I am truly grateful. I never had a big brother growing up but am honored to have such a good one now.
  • Lloyd Poku, Groomsman
    If you don't know Lloyd, odds are you know someone who does. Lloyd was another of my college roommates for 3 years and was the one who always knew where the party was at. Lloyd has the gift of gab and I have always admired his ability to welcome with open arms new people into his life every day. Lloyd is a competitor and we share a common passion for sports but luckily I am the stronger, faster and superior athlete whom he could never bring down. (Except for soccer, he is a hell of a soccer player and lets be honest...who plays soccer anyway??) Congratulations to you and Victoria on your upcoming marriage!
  • William Ralph, Groomsman
    If you ever want to see a full re-enacment of Top Gun, Will and I are your guys. Will and I were also roommates for three years and neighbors for one. Will is our "Wild-Card", every day with Will is an adventure and you never know what is in store. We spent a lot of days on the river fishing as well as nights out on the town enjoying the "drinking moon." With all the wild times and all the great laughs Will as also a friend who is there when you need him and will gladly give you the shirt off his back.
  • Austen Smith, Groomsman
    Austen is best known for his blazing 12.0 sec 40 yard dash and his 3" vertical jump. It baffles me how he is not in the NFL today....I guess marketing for the Houston Texans will have to do for now! All kidding aside Austen and I became good friends in High School and have shared many great times over the years, from high school parties, to frat parties to bachelor parties to wedding receptions. He's the type of friend that will always be there no matter what and who has paved the way for us leading by example on being a great father and husband, just look at his two boys Brady and Grey and his lovely wife Lindsay.
  • Keyl Woolet, Groomsman
    Keyl and I became good friends starting in High School and have stayed great friends throughout college and into our young adult lives. Keyl is the type of friend that no matter how long it has been since you last spoke or hung out you are able to pick right up right where you left off like it was yesterday. I'm excited for what the future holds in having joint family vacations with his lovely wife Cara, plenty of future nights reliving our old glory days of our youth and smoking him in more 40 yd dash challenges.
  • Preston Worland, Groomsman
    Preston is my second "little brother" who much like Jordan was born to entertain, but with an edgier approach. Preston has a passion for extreme sports and music and just being around him for a few minutes you are able to tell just how talented he is for he always has a guitar or a ukulele near by and is more than happy to sing a tune. I have always admired his courage for standing up for what he believes in and can't wait to buy one of his albums.